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Rental property investment model

Rental property investment model


The purpose of the model is to enable the user to forecast a property investment. The sales model is a based on monthly rentals. The model can be tweaked for commercial property investment analysis.



  • Integrated Financial Statements including Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow
  • Dashboard including key summary financials, results, Return on Investment (ROI), capital gain, and investment cash requirement



  • The model has a monthly timeline that runs for 10 years
  • There are annual summaries
  • A flexible model start date and flexible forecast start date
  • The ability to include both historical actual data and produce forecast data
  • The ability to enter historical Profit and Loss balance and an Opening Balance sheet



  • The ability to update the model units
  • The model provides check and commercial alert messages to assist the user



  • There is a macro within the model required in order to update the mortagage calculations. There is a button at the top of each sheet called "Update debt calcs". The alert message will prompt the user when to click the macro button. The user is not expected nor required to have specialist knowledge of VBA or macros in order to benefit from this model



  • The user can enter the monthly rental income on an annual basis. This is automatically spread monthly.


Property purchase

  • The user has the ability to enter purchase assumptions such as date, sale price, legal costs, company set-up costs and historic property price growth
  • Enter assumptions for property taxes based on the value of the priperty
  • Enter mortgage or loan assumptions such as the type of loan, the deposit required, the term, the initial term, interest rates, whether the investor overpays the mortgage, any upfront fees


Cost of sales

  • Includes service fees, and management company fees
  • Assumptions are entered annually as either a percentage of sales or fixed cost




  • Split by local taxes, bills, service charge, insurance cost, miscellaneous charges, sundries, furnishings and maintenance
  • Costs are entered annually
  • User defines the month in which insurance costs and other miscellaneous charges are paid



  • User enters an annual tax rate and manually enters when company tax is paid
  • T&Cs

    Refer to T&Cs page for Terms and Conditions of sale

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