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Remaining mortgage calculator

Remaining mortgage calculator


Excel template for calculating the remaining balance of a mortgage



  • Outputs include a summary of the initial term, post initial term and total mortgage summary.
  • Key data reported includes interest paid, mortgage principal paid, and any overpayments made.



  • Model settings include the units of the model



  • The user has the ability to enter the model start date and the forecast start date though we would anticipate that the user would set the two as the same


Flexible assumptions

  • These include, the mortgage type, the drawdown date and amount, the term of the mortgage and initial term, the interest rates and any overpayments



  • The model utilises a macro in order to calculate the remaining mortgage principal after the initial mortgage period. This button can be found as a button called "Update macro" at the top of the sheet. An alert message at the top fo the sheet will prompt the user when to click this button.



  • T&Cs

    Refer to the T&Cs page for the Terms and Conditions of the sale

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