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Personal budget template

Personal budget template


Tool to aid the tracking of personal spending and income on a month to month basis. The tool enables the setting of budgets and provides spending analysis to help the user to identify and correct over spending patterns



Outputs can be found on the Dash sheet

Summary of actual and forecast period income, fixed costs, variable costs, net cash flow, savings ratio and fixed cost ratio

Summary of up to two years of income, fixed and variable costs, net cash flow, savings ratio and fixed cost ratio for comparative purposes

An analysis of the latest month's costs broken down into categories

The ability to select (the yellow drop down cell) a particular month for further cost breakdown

A look at income and costs over time and projected income into the future


How to use the tool

Nav sheet:

The navigation sheet includes hyperlinked sheet names with description of the contents of each sheet, a key of various coloured cells and fonts used throughout the model

Every tab contains a “Navigation” button in the top left corner. Clicking this button will take you back to the ‘Nav’ sheet



All assumptions are entered on the Assumptions sheet. Actual (or historical) numbers are entered into orange cells and forecast assumptions are entered into the yellow cells

Enter income as positive and costs as negative


Assumptions in detail

Model settings:

Enter the model name and units

The timeline settings can be used in one of two ways:
1) Set the forecast start date one month ahead of the current/actuals month and reset each time a month goes by; OR
2) Set the forecast start date exactly 12 months from model start date and use it as if it is a total forecast for the current year in order to compare 12 month actuals with 12 month forecast


Setting budget:

Enter income and costs on a monthly basis

Row 2 of the timeline will indicate whether the period is an actual (historical) or forecast period. These labels can be changed in the Model settings section



The calcs sheet contains all of the calculations for the outputs on the blue Dash sheet

There are no assumptions entered on this sheet

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