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Quick company valuation calculator

Quick company valuation calculator


To provide a quick company valuation based on the net present value using discounted cash flows. The model is deliberately simple so that the user can provide an estimate for a company valuation in a very short space of time.


Model settings

  • Flexible units
  • Flexible model start date



Methodology based on discounted cash flow with the calculations already in-built. User has to enter assumptions only. Assumptions include:

  • Free cash flow - observe in the picture of the assumptions section (with yellow cells) that the model guides the user as to all the components for free cash flow
  • Growth rates
  • Terminal / perpetual growth rate at the end of the timeline
  • Discount rates


How to use

  • Enter assumptions into the yellow cells
  • T&Cs

    Refer to T&Cs page for the Terms and Conditions of the sale

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