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achelor / Bachelorette (Hen / Stag) Party Event Budget Planner

achelor / Bachelorette (Hen / Stag) Party Event Budget Planner


Template for preparing and managing budgets for stag, hen parties, and other events



  • The template will tell you how much you've collected from each person, how much is left to collect, and will flag when people are late in paying.
  • The template will also remind the user as to when to make balance payments for any costs that require a deposit to be paid upfront, followed by a final balance payment.


Flexible assumptions

  • Number of attendees
  • Number of people paying
  • Event start and end date
  • Number of planned collections from people paying for the event (3 maximum)
  • Names of attendees and the ability to track payment collections as they come in
  • Breakdown of costs for spending on the event
  • Note any deposits paid, the balance due date and amount


Instructions for use

To use this model we suggest that the user stick by the following rules:

  • Enter assumptions and event details in yellow cells only. The rest of the model should be totally automated
  • When entering numbers, enter positive numbers only
  • Cells G1 contains a warning message that will automatically change to red and flag up if the user end up putting in a budget that overspends
  • T&Cs

    Refer to the T&Cs page for the Terms and Conditions of the sale

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